Peel-off Latex Gel


A fast-drying liquid nail tape that protects cuticles from stains during nail polish application.

Tired of all the clean up around your nails after applying polish or nail stamping or water marbling manicure?

Well, This is a quick and easy solution for you! Apply Peel-off Latex Cuticle Protector around each of your nails before your next nail project and all that polish that ends up on your skin will now end up on a peel away base. Once you are done, all you do is grab a corner of the dried latex and peel away all in one pull. 
  • CUT DOWN ON CLEAN UP TIME when working on your next nail art manicure with latex Peel-off!
  • PAINT AROUND YOUR NAILS before starting your project. 
  • GREAT FOR NAIL STAMPING projects or polish manicures. Also try on nails instead of vinyl stickers.
  • EXTRA TIP: If your going to use water marbling technique, paint Peel-off under nail area too.
  • JUST SIMPLY PEEL OFF the latex when finished with your manicure. It should peel off in one piece. 

  • What else you need to know:
    This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. Avoid freezing, as freezing causes this product to solidify or appear dried out. If necessary, apply two coats of Liquid Palisade to create a thicker feel and visibly darker purple barrier.

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